• Standalone
    Power Kit

  • SH7
    The SH7 panel is made of high quality aluminum and fiberglass glazing that can hold up to
    277° F.
  • SH27
    U.S. Solar Heating SH27 module is a solar air heating panel system designed to heat the air for free by using the sun's energy.
  • MSH
    U.S. Solar Heating MSH module is designed to heat large residential buildings. Delivering free heat through the sun's energy, the MSH panel system will connect several SH27's together to harness the power of solar air heating.
  • JSH
  • PSH
    The Portable Solar Heater (PSH) is a unit designed for green energy on the go. The system is easily transportable from one location to another.
  • IDSH
    U.S. Solar Heating IDSH model is a solar air heating panel unit designed to heat the air for free by using the sun's energy.
  • DHSH
    The DHSH panel is designed  be placed inside your Double Hung Window, no installation required and available in various sizes.
  • Mini-Panel
    US Solar Heating Mini-Panel is a miniature version of our IDSH. Designed to show you the power of solar heating.
  • Online Quote
    Online Quote System
    With our "Make an Offer" feature available now. Quickly and conveniently make us an offer and soon you will be experiencing the comfort of floor heating at a fair price.

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